sábado, 14 de março de 2015

What a beauty she was

It is like a volcanicexplosion-like feeling
Here and there
Now and again
It bursts
Out of my eyes
The sadness

It's me being selfish 
Thinking about myself 
My own life without her 

But mostly
Me morning with my dad
For my dad
I cannot imagine the feeling of loosing your mother
Must be horrendous
Weird that it is a natural thing...
When it must hurt so fucking much

He's so incredible 
So supporting
So amazingly fatherly 
All I want is simply to be there for him
With all my being 
Skin and bones 
Tears and sadness
Not only with the spirit this time
Not this time
Not this time
Not this time
He needs to know he's not alone 
Never will be

She was rock-hard strong
So brave
So incredibly fearless
And so loving and caring at the same time
I still struggle to believe it

I'll miss her hugs
Her words
Her laugh
Her cigarettes
Her bread and butter 
Her fresh fruit I'd always take with me

But it's not the end for her
It's the end of her life in this world
That's all
That comforts me 

What a beauty she was 

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