sexta-feira, 13 de março de 2015


You know what... I think we all are a little bit. It's embedded in our human nature, it's part of our instincts as developed and therefore "intelligent" (whatever that's supposed to mean) animals.
The same way we feel the need to creat laws, we are bound to break them.
Authority is a dirty word, it controls peoples minds when they come across it. The power feeds the ego and starves the heart.

We all know life is possible stateless.
We have walked away from our roots, we ignore our bodies and souls and only listen to our minds, which can become extremely vicious and deceiving.

Civilising society was a search for power, not for peace of mind and not for survival.
Deindustrialisation is the next step to creative construction of a fair world.
I've come from a place where fairness is not taken into account. If you're on top, stay there and keep acting as if you don't see the bodies lying on the street fighting to survive, while your responsibility doesn't even include washing your own clothes. All you gotta do is stay pretty and polite. 
Fuck pretty. 
Fuck polite. 

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