sexta-feira, 27 de março de 2015

The Wisdom of The Tree

The tree.
It's constantly reaching up.
Towards the infinite,
The majestic,
The open blue who invites. 
It keeps the tree light, ever illuminated.

It's constantly reaching down,
Towards the darkest of the darks,
The thick, heavy brown.
Also infinite.
Earth's deepest body.
It keeps the tree firm, ever strong.

I would like to have the wisdom of the tree. 

sexta-feira, 20 de março de 2015

Aqui e Lá

Claro e limpo lá dentro.
No shopping com segurança,
Nas lojas caras,
Nas unhas feitas,
Na casa espaçosa,
Tem empregada pra arrumar.

Escuro e sujo lá fora.
Nas ruas poluídas,
No fedor do ar,
Nos prédios descolorados.

Claro e limpo lá fora.
No asfalto sem buraco,
No ar de mar,
No vento gelado.

Escuro e sujo lá dentro.
Dos nossos apartamentos de estudante.
Tem louça pra lavar,
Roupa pra secar,
Papéis pra guardar,
Contas pra pagar.
Tem poeira em todo canto.

Por isso que lá fora fico lá fora,
E aqui fico aqui dentro,

Lá, sem o real, é mais real! 

sábado, 14 de março de 2015

What a beauty she was

It is like a volcanicexplosion-like feeling
Here and there
Now and again
It bursts
Out of my eyes
The sadness

It's me being selfish 
Thinking about myself 
My own life without her 

But mostly
Me morning with my dad
For my dad
I cannot imagine the feeling of loosing your mother
Must be horrendous
Weird that it is a natural thing...
When it must hurt so fucking much

He's so incredible 
So supporting
So amazingly fatherly 
All I want is simply to be there for him
With all my being 
Skin and bones 
Tears and sadness
Not only with the spirit this time
Not this time
Not this time
Not this time
He needs to know he's not alone 
Never will be

She was rock-hard strong
So brave
So incredibly fearless
And so loving and caring at the same time
I still struggle to believe it

I'll miss her hugs
Her words
Her laugh
Her cigarettes
Her bread and butter 
Her fresh fruit I'd always take with me

But it's not the end for her
It's the end of her life in this world
That's all
That comforts me 

What a beauty she was 

sexta-feira, 13 de março de 2015

Time to go out

The eyes of small children reflect the bright light,
They play with the sand as if all of the world's existence was right there ready to be explored by their tiny fingers.

The thin extremities of that gigantic tree dance with the swinging wind,
Strong grounded tree gracefully moving with such freedom as if drugged by the presence of happiness.

Benches on the edge, ready for those loners, who beautifully and enviously admire the peace of nature.

Birds effortlessly glide through that empty space between us and the clouds.

An old man takes a picture.
It will sit on his living room,
Right beside the chair his late wife would rest every afternoon,
Telling him stories he only appreciates now they are gone.

I admire the threatening outside world, safely locked behind the suffocating windows.
It's time to go out. 

Parabéns Pá

He’s strong,
He’s wise,
He’s tender.
He’ll always be my superman.

He’s creative,
He’s constructive,
He’s affective.
I will always be proud to say he’s MY dad.

His tears make me die a little inside every time… But one of the main reasons why I’m here working so hard every day is to make HIM proud. He’s always believed in me, and I will always be grateful for his support.

Um certo dia ele me disse que as crianças, antes de nascer, escolhiam seus pais. Eu certamente escolhi ele para ser meu pai, e provavelmente tive que lutar com muitas outras, pelo seu amor paterno. Happily.

When I make a discovery, no matter if its spiritual, about society, philosophy, psychology or whatever, I always look back at the weekends I used to spend at his house and phrases or sayings from him come to my head. Ahhhh… É isso que ele quiz dizer. Agora eu entendo…

You have taught me so many things I can’t even put into words the gratitude I feel. The love for your affection, the admiration for the person you are.

You put your children’s well being and education in front of your own sentiments and that is the most admirable thing a father could ever do.

I had to choose a present, and it’s always difficult with him, being so complex and all. Por isso que te mando uma nova criatura para cultivar tão bem como cultivou suas filhas. Chega amanhã. Espero que você goste.

Te amo tanto.
Sinto tanta saudade.
Te agradeço por tudo.
Parabéns por ser incrível!!!!

Já já te ligo para ouvir sua voz maravilhosa e carinhosa.

Serene Savage

The solitary woman is a modified savage, accepted by civilization. 
Savage marked by a ferocious beating of the heart. 

She is a thinking ruin, 
Continually in the search of a distinct energy;
Preferring hunger in the dangerous than slavery in the safe.

To remain anywhere long suffocates her sense of being unguarded in expression.

She whom wonders most is most alone,
Hence her eternal change of place, state of mind and companions.


Vira homem e para de ser moleque de sangue morto!!
Aprende com o que a vida te deu.
Para de fazer de conta.
Be strong
A strong TRUE man!