sábado, 7 de julho de 2012

Silent cries

Every day
She caries that smile from check to check.
Fake smile,
Like a mask stuck to her bones.

Not enough food on the table.
Her 4 children are getting thinner and thinner every month,
And she will have to explain why daddy is not around anymore.

He abandoned us. No, she still cannot tell them.
Lie? She can't either.

She only stares at those little soggy eyes that scream silent cries... The ones only a mothers heart can hear.


Somos devoradores de criação
Somos construtores de imaginação
Somos sempre
Mesmo longe

Somos o oposto daquele que simplesmente é
Somos tudo
Somos nada
Somos nós 

Under cold earth

Walking the streets of London
At night,
I can hear the hearts beating,
The lives running,
People screaming.


We all fight in the same battle,
with totally opposite enemies.

She cries about her dead mother,
He kills for drugs.
She feeds her sick dying baby,
He lost his job.

We are all just afraid
Looking for comfort,
A snugly pillow to lie our heads
And forget about something that will never go away.

My fears are bigger than someone else's, smaller than others,
As are my conquests.

It will all end under cold earth.

Deletable ideal future

Sometimes I wonder if I could erase the ideal future.
It follows me around with the idea that I won't make it, that I will fail.

I have no time .
No time to do all I want.
No time to feel all I want.
No time to meet all of them,
To love all of it.

My foolish heart runs towards death every day.

All those dreams,
Those plans.
They take away from me the present,
Make me forget about the past
And only dream about the future.


I don't know you
You don't know me
I don't know myself
You don't know yourself
We live in lies
In fear
In rules
In stuff

There's nothing
Every relationship

Tell them it's amazing
Have kids
Put a smile on your face
Take pictures
Throw parties

Drown in your own addictions

Power to end

There it is
Right in front of me
Dark, dirty
I could end all of it
All of the pain
The joy
The disgust
The anger
In one sharp sudden movement
How would people react?

I won't
But I could
It only attracts me because it is uncertain
It is unrecognisable
It is warm
There's nothing like it


What would it feel like?
The jumping, quick
My heart would pump harder than ever did.
My breathing would get intense
My whole body would shake in terror and excitement
I would probably regret it on the last second
But then
The collision

One fraction
slow motion
My flesh being squished against the train
The sound of bones breaking
Blood explosion
One fraction

Knowing I have the power of ending a life makes me feel satisfyingly powerful.