terça-feira, 9 de abril de 2013

He Mumbles

He mumbles
Moving his loose lips as if it wasn't intentional
As if it was coming out from his furious stomach

His eyes portray rage
Eyebrows curved and tense in the centre of his face

He is holding something
An old paper cup maybe 

His eyes don't fix on anything
They just swim on the surface 

He's still mumbling
Closed body language
Oversized rain coat
Old jeans
Curved shoulders

It's been 1 hour and he is still standing there
In front of the massive old building
The beauty of the architecture clashes with the pain in his eyes 

He is still mumbling
His body sways from one side to the other occasionally

People walk by
They don't want to see it
They ignore
Same way they ignore the grandness of the building lost on the grey clouds

My curiosity grows bigger every second
I want to know this creature
I want to follow him daily
See what he likes
What he hates
Where he goes

But my fear stops me from talking to him
Stops me from looking into his eyes
I am embarrassed of my easy happy life
This clean thick window protects me from that unknown anger
Not in a good way

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