domingo, 19 de fevereiro de 2012

I am addicted

I am addicted.
My veins pop out when they hear it.
My breathing wants to scream,
My eyes want to talk.

Nothing can describe it;
I could use as many words as there are sand grains in every beach and it wouldn't be enough!

I want to hold it inside my heart, so it never runs away;
I want to climb it with every thought;
I want to show the world how amazing it feels!

Like music to my ears, it whispers to my guts that I might just be able to have it someday.
The despair comes crashing in when I think of living without it.

I'm sucked towards it.
Sucked with its sweet teeth.

Don't never let it go away.
Let me run in its blood,
Swim in its skin.


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