domingo, 27 de novembro de 2011


Fill your boring sunday with some british comedy and shut down your brain for a couple of hours.
Peter Sellers and John Cleese are the right ones to make you burst in laughter.
Peter Sellers

--> The Pink Panter
KNOWN FOR - Ability to speak in different accents (French, Indian, American, German, as well as British regional accents)
The director Peter Hall has said: "Peter had the ability to identify completely with another person, and think his way physically, mentally and emotionally into their skin. Where does that come from? I have no idea. Is it a curse? Often. I think it's not enough, though, in this business to have talent. You have to have talent to handle the talent. And that I think Peter did not have."
John Cleese

-->Fawlty Towers

KNOWN FOR - Mustache / Being very tall / Playing arrogant characters who mistreat those around them

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  1. Ay up !
    PS was such a great actor ...
    I can see the whole movie for the link?!

    In an October 1962 interview, Sellers described how he prepared for acting roles once he agreed to play the part:

    “Well, having got to the stage where one sees a final script and has discussed the part with all concerned, I start with the voice. I find out how the character sounds. It's through the way he speaks that I find out the rest about him. I suppose that approach comes from having worked in radio for so long. After the voice comes the looks of the man. I do a lot of drawings of the character I play. Then I get together with the makeup man and we sort of transfer my drawings onto my face. An involved process. After that I establish how the character walks. Very important, the walk. And then, suddenly, something strange happens. The person takes over. The man you play begins to exist. I sink myself completely into every character I play, because he has begun to live in me. I suddenly seem to know what sort of life that man has had and how he would react to a given situation"

    Meanwhile I hear our neighbors playing "Born To Be Wild" very, very, loud !!
    Oh yeah... ;)

  2. Want another british sunday with u, so my brain shuts down while my heart opens....